Our aim:to make shoes that are eco-friendly net positive.

Jinenzhi offers footwear solution provider that reduce the negative impact of the industry on our environment.


We seek out clients who share our passion for positive change in the footwear industry.                             
jinenzhi co.,Ltd offers end-to-end consultancy service , whether it's re-engineering the sustainability of an existing style, or performing a top-to-bottom reasessment of all you product lines.

Kelly Kim's Career from 1981 to 2021

1981 - 1991 : Samhwa Footwear
Employed by SamHwa Footwear Manufacturer & the brand “
Kangaroos USA” in Korea
Liason office team Manager

1992 - 1993 : Jinenzhi: inline Roller Skate
Launched in-line roller skate with own brand “TYT-Highway” and sales in Korea local market.

1993 – 1999 : Jinenzhi: Outdoor Gore-tex Trekking boots
Take care of Gore-Tex Trekking boots production and supplied technical components to global clients.
(Redwing-Vasque/Mammuts/Jack Wolfskin/Vaude/Lafuma/Salomon/Dachstein, etc)

2000 - 2012 : Jinenzhi: Outdoor Distributor
Started distributor of all outdoor products in Korea @ imported the brand “Halti” from Finland

2013 – 2016 : Jinenzhi: Textile solar cell with high technology

2016-launched textile solar cell in roll to roll production based on invested more than USD 3 million and
Still being proceeded to fit into all in&outdoor products.

2017 : Jinenzhi: Robot made shoes & Heating element
Launched robot made shoes and heating element with new technology and invested more than
USD 500,000 and will be started Local market first.

2017 – 2021 : Jinenzhi: Contrated/exclusived manufacturer
Started with Vietnam shoe factory based on Contrated/exclusived agreement and being operated

With local Vietnamese partners.

The Teams Credentials

Jinenzhi has drawn talent from diverse social, industrial, and generational backgrounds. From korea, china,Vietnam, and the usa, we bring over thirty five years’ experience in footwear design, manufacture, marketing, and global sales.
Our ‘now’ knowledge will help you create shoes that are great to look at, and even better to wear: comfortable, well priced, and coded with environmentally-responsible DNA


Our Goals

To put earth- and people-friendly shoes on the world’s feet.
To focus only on the next project’s success, and not on past glories.
To be happy, to have fun, and to have a positive impact on the footwear industry.